Feng Shui Plum Blossom Chime

Feng Shui Plum Blossom Chime

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This coin is shaped like the Plum Blossom Flower which symbolizes happiness and harmony. The Chinese characters 长命守富貴 (Chang Ming Shou Fu Gui) are inscribed on the five petals, which brings auspicious meanings of longevity with prosperity. On the reverse are images that bring excellent luck of a good and easy life; The Bat for Happiness & Good Fortune, Deer For Long Life & Good Incomes, Peach For Good Health, The Magpie For Good News, & Success, & the Ingot For Wealth And Prosperity.  The Plum Blossom can be displayed in any sector of the house except in the bathroom and laundry room. 

Metal Plum Blossom chime measure 12 L.