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Feng Shui Missing Wealth Corner Cure

Feng Shui Solutions for a Missing Wealth Corner in Your Home"

In Feng Shui, a missing area refers to a situation where a specific area or sector of the Bagua is entirely or partially missing in a floor plan or the layout of a space. The Bagua is a Feng Shui energy map that divides a space into nine sectors, each representing different aspects of life.
When a particular area is missing, the corresponding energy associated with that sector is not fully present. This could potentially create an imbalance or lack of support in the related aspect of life.
For example, if a home's wealth area (southeast) is missing or falls outside the boundaries of the floor plan, it is considered a missing wealth area. This implies that the energy related to wealth, abundance, and prosperity may be weak or absent, potentially affecting financial opportunities and success.


If your home has a missing wealth corner according to Feng Shui principles, there are several remedies you can apply to compensate for its absence and activate the wealth energy in your space. Here are some remedies you can consider:

  1. Mirror Placement: Place a mirror on the wall diagonally opposite to the missing wealth corner. The mirror should reflect the area and symbolically create the illusion of a complete corner.

  2. Feng Shui Symbols: Use powerful Feng Shui symbols associated with wealth and abundance, such as a wealth vase, wealth ship, or a three-legged toad. Display these symbols in the adjacent areas of your home, facing towards the missing wealth corner.

  3. Crystal Energy: Introduce crystals known for attracting wealth and abundance, such as citrine, pyrite, or green aventurine. Place them strategically in the areas surrounding the missing wealth corner to enhance the energy flow.

  4. Color Therapy: Utilize colors that represent wealth and prosperity. Decorate the adjacent areas with shades of purple, gold, green, or red to stimulate the energy associated with wealth.

  5. Lighting and Brightness: Enhance the lighting in the surrounding areas of your home. Brighten the space with lamps, spotlights, or natural light to activate the energy flow and compensate for the missing corner.

  6. Indoor Plants: Introduce lush and healthy plants in the adjacent areas of the missing wealth corner. Choose plants with rounded or coin-shaped leaves, such as jade plants or money plants, to symbolize prosperity.

  7. Artwork and Decor: Hang inspiring artwork that depicts themes of wealth, prosperity, or abundance on the walls surrounding the missing corner. Decorate the space with decorative items like wealth bowls, gold ingots, or auspicious symbols.

  8. Intention and Visualization: Practice visualization techniques and set clear intentions to manifest wealth and abundance. Focus your thoughts and intentions on attracting financial prosperity to the entire home, including the missing wealth corner.

Remember, the intention and belief you put into these remedies are as important as the remedies themselves. By applying these Feng Shui remedies, you can create a harmonious energy flow and activate the wealth energy throughout your home, compensating for the missing corner.


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