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Cure for Spiral Stairways- hang a Crystal at the top.

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Spiral Stairways create many Feng Shui problems; more if you install it after your house is built. Their energy drills down into the ground like a bore, pulling Chi and fortunes downward. This situation affects the room and the area of Life (bagua area) where stairway is located. If the landing faces the front door, illness or brain disease can result.

If your stairway is located in the center of the house, residents can experience heart problems. Hang faceted crystal sphere 50mm at the top of the stairway. This cure draws the energy up the stairs and reverses the downward energy spiral. When performing this cure visualize your life being dramatically uplifted and improved, particularly in the octagon life area where staircase resides.

Measure: 50mm. Ready to hang in red string. **We include extra string to hang from the ceiling.