Kid's Bedrooms

Create Amazing Energy in your Child’s Room using Feng Shui


Feng Shui symbols in children’s rooms can help your child’s cognitive skills, energy, and health. Feng Shui wise, your child’s room should have a good amount of yang energy for healthy growth and development. You can help to energize their creativity, education, and confidence!

Use these simple tips and cures below to Feng Shui your child’s bedroom.  

  • The room should always be neat & tidy.

  • Paint with light pastel colors, anything like light pink, blue, green and yellow shades.

  • By activating the west sector in the room, your children will do well in school, achieving good grades and excelling in all their pursuits.

Position the work desk in a way that makes your child face his or her best study direction. It will enhance learning ability and memory because the surrounding energies will be auspicious.