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Ceilings Cures

5 Top Feng Shui Fixes for Troublesome Ceilings


Finding out if there are any afflicting ceiling positions in your home is a good way to fix certain pressures that can damage your health and the flow of Chi.

Find out which issues may be causing damage in your home, these can include beams and fans over your bed. Quick and easy to display Feng Shui cures can be used to fix this, see our list here and fixes below.

  • Feng Shui Cures for Beams-Wherever these beams may be located-- be it your bedroom, living room, etc. these create a great amount of pressure that can cause headaches and sleep issues. This happens specifically when we sit, sleep or stand under beams for significant periods of time. Hand crystals or bamboo flutes from the beams to cure this.

  • Feng Shui Cure for Fan over the Bed- A fan in action produces offensive energies when blades are located over the head, particularly while sleeping. Hang a crystal from the fan to cure this.

  • Feng Shui Cure for Low Ceilings- Low ceiling can cause pressure, stress and emotional instability. You can paint the ceiling a light color or add elements that create an expansion, such as a crystal. Use bright lights and upward shining lamps to give the appearance of height.

  • Feng Shui cure for Sloped Ceilings- If your bed is placed under a sloped ceiling, especially under the lowest part of the slope, this is a bad placement which can lead to poor health and sleep, your energy is being heavily constricted in this position. Hang a crystal Sphere or 6 Rods Chime to Fix it.

More fixes for troublesome ceilings below:

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