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Curing a Bathroom above Kitchen

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The water energy in a bathroom above the kitchen floods the entire kitchen with negative energy. This is potentially damaging to both health and prosperity. We need to create a solid separation between the upper bathroom and the kitchen below. Decorate the bathroom with rugs and bathtub curtains in red or earth tones. The earth element is key to exhaust the water element in bathrooms.

Cures to apply in the bathroom:
  • hang a faceted crystal in the center of the bathroom.
  • affix a three-inch round mirror on the ceiling directly above the bathtub to visually reverse the downward flow of water.
  • display the earth element bowl to suppress the water element 
Kit Includes:
  • Round mirror to affix above bathtub drain
  • 1 faceted crystal sphere ready to hang.
  • earth element bowl.
 Instructions included