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Feng Shui Compass

The Luo Pan or Feng Shui Compass is a reference tool used by feng shui masters to map out your home.

This compass contains summaries and interpretations placed in codes in concentric rings around the compass. As the rings get larger, the meanings get deeper and refer to more advanced formulas.

However, any good western compass is perfectly adequate.We offer western compasses and Luo Pan too.

How to use the compass to map the Bagua of your home in 3 Steps:

1. Stand on the middle of the doorway, make sure that your shoulder are between the door frames, it is important be in the center of the doorway.

If your house has two doors on either side, but you use only one way, make your reading using the regular door way. (Do not open the other door) use only the regular way where people come and go.  Make sure to stand in the center of that door not at the entire door frame.

2. Hold the compass in you palm up to your chest

3. Compass has a red needle which will indicate the NORTH, once the compass make the reading, rotate the compass and line up the red needle with the NOTRH mark in the compass.

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