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Ceilings Cures

Feng Shui Ceiling Cures for Common Issues

Ceilings can create certain pressures that can damage the flow of Chi and your health.
Find out which issues you may have because of ceilings at home, beams or fans over your bed and quickly solve them by using the Feng Shui cures listed below:

•Feng Shui Cures for Exposed beams—Exposed beams can create pressure and even headaches, especially when we sit, sleep or stand under them for significant periods of time. You alleviate the pressure by hanging crystals or bamboo flutes on the beams

•Feng Shui Cures a Ceiling Fan over a bed—A fan in action produces offensive energies when the blades are located directly overhead, particularly if we are sleeping. Hang a crystal sphere to counteract the negative effects of a ceiling fan.

•Feng Shui Cures for Low ceilings—Low ceilings may cause pressure, stress and emotional instability. Fix this problem by painting the ceiling a light color and adding elements that create expansion, such as hanging crystals. Also, be sure to use bright lights and upward shining lamps to give the room the appearance and feel of higher ceilings.

•Feng Shui cures for Sloped ceilings—A bed placed under a sloped ceiling, particularly when the bed is located under the lowest part of the slope, is considered a bad placement. It can lead to poor health, emotional instability and low energy due to the fact that your energy is being heavily constricted while you sleep. Hang a crystal sphere or 6 rods chime to fix it. 

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