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Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes for Fame & Career Sector

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In Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes has been an ancient cure and amulet to display in different areas to cure energy and bring balance in a given space. Flutes raise Chi, uplift, and represent quick growth. An important aspect of a flute’s power is the angle at which it is hung.

Here some examples:

Curing Beams into a room": Deal with exposed overhead beams by hanging two flutes tied with red thread and positioned diagonally.

Curing Outside door into the kitchen: If a door in the kitchen leads the house, threats to health, safety and money are heightened. Hang the flute horizontally above the outside door frame. The flute brings peace and safety, an effective antidote to the threatening energy of the door. Visualize this effect when you apply the cure.

Flute Cure for Wealth & Helpful Area: Hang it to a 45-degree angle, left side lower, right side higher- for Wealth and Helpful People Area.

Flute Cure for Marriage and Knowledge: Hang to a 45-degree angle, right side lower, left side higher. Mouthpiece facing up always.

Flute Cure for Children or Family: Hang the flute vertically for Family and Children Area. Mouthpiece upward

Flute cure for Health: use any of the four above angles

Bamboo flute measure 11 " L