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DOUBLE HAPPINESS Bracelet for Love

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The double happiness symbol, often depicted as two overlapping characters meaning joy and happiness, is a powerful symbol in Chinese culture representing marital bliss and harmony.

When worn as a bracelet, the double happiness symbol is thought to attract positive energy and strengthen romantic connections. It acts as a reminder of the wearer's intention to invite love and happiness into their life. By wearing the bracelet regularly, one may align themselves with the vibrations of love and cultivate an aura of positivity that attracts loving and fulfilling relationships. In Feng Shui, wearing the double happiness symbol bracelet on the left wrist is considered auspicious as it is believed to be closer to the heart, enhancing its effectiveness in attracting love and fostering harmonious relationships.

This bracelet is crafted from immaculate white quartz 8mm beads and one metal Tibetan bead featuring the double happiness symbol. Each piece is made to order, allowing for custom sizing. Please select your wrist size for the perfect fit.