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Curing a BACK and FRONT door alignment

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Having a backdoor aligning the front door, especially if the back door is transparent, such as a patio door or large windows, create problems in the flow of chi, the vital life force energy. Ideally, chi should enter the front door and circulate throughout the home before exiting the back door. When the doors are aligned, however, chi flows straight in from the front and out through the back door, so parts of the home never receive good chi. This can lead to various adverse effects for the home’s occupants, such as having a bank account that "leaks" money. Hanging a faceted crystal ball between both doors will slow down the chi flow remedying the alignment. The bright crystal attracts chi and reflects it in all directions to improve the energy circulation. 

Faceted crystal ball 40mm ready to hang in clear monofilament to match all rooms styles. Instructions included