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How to Know when to Replace your Feng Shui cures and Dispose of Old Ones-

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 24th Jan 2017

Should you Cleanse or Replace your old Feng Shui Cures for a New Year?
How to know when a Feng Shui cure needs replacing.

It’s a very popular “Feng Shui Dilema” many have when starting a new year. Should you throw your old cures out? When is the right time to replace them? Which ones should be replaced and which can still be “recycled”? If you decide to replace some, how do you discard or dispose of old Feng Shui Cures? How long should you wait to replace them? Yes, so many questions!

Imagine the New Year as the first “checkpoint” everyone must cross over, and it is very important one too! It’s when you get the opportunity to plant new seeds of wonderful energy and to set powerful intentions for the rest of the year.

As you cleanse and prepare your home to receive this new, fresh and exciting energy, it’s time to look through your Feng Shui cures and start thinking about what may feel the need to be refreshed or replaced.

Remember, you can apply your cures at any time throughout the year. The "starting point" is always the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, especially for those who prefer to be punctual and apply cures on this date. However, we want to make sure you know that you can start applying your Feng Shui remedies through the year and at any time to enhance and protect your home.

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When it’s time to let go: 

Here are a couple of wise phrases that will help get the point across:

“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness”- Thich Nhat Hanh“

"Attachment is the original, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering.” – The Dalai Lama.

Sometimes it’s time to let go of certain situations in life and even people. When it’s time to let go, you have to ask yourself: Is this adding up to my life? If it is, then keep it. But if it all feels monotonous or it makes you feel wrong, then why keep on having it? 

Being attached to your cures is no good practice either! When it’s time to let them go, just do it. 

Any cure that has been used for protection against negative stars accumulate this energy through the year and should not be re-used. For example, the 5 Element Pagoda will accumulate the energy from malignant star #5. As well as those used for enhancing positive stars have been drained for that purpose through the year.
Also, if your cures have been in your home for 2 or more years, they will not be effective any longer. Even if you cleanse them, a fresh new cure is always better.

Also, any cures that have scratches, chips, that have fallen and broken, those that look and feel worn out and old, should be definitely replaced by new ones.

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It’s important to understand that: Cures have a full time, 24 hour, 7 days a week year round job. They keep you and your home’s environment free from negative energy, provide protection and fulfill their specific purposes. So, when they have spent all year (or more) absorbing all types of energy so naturally, they deteriorate and weaken. This is why it is recommended to have new and fresh energy flowing all year long, from start to finish to keep Feng Shui symbolism working.

Wealth Pots, Gods of Wealth, Dieties, Buddhas or Kuan Yins. These should not be discarded since they accumulate auspicious energy and learn about you and your needs through the years. To keep then energized, cleanse them regularly with Sage, Copal, or Holy Wood.

Which can be cleansed and energized?
Check TIP 3 on the 
"5 Tips to get your Home Ready for 2018" article.

What if there is a lot to be replaced?

No worries, there is time. You don’t need to go out and purchase and replace all your Feng Shui items, you can take it one step at a time. 

2 Great Tips to Have in Mind When purchasing new Feng Shui Cures:

1. Making sure they come from a decent source:

What this implies is that your cures have been treated and cared for by specially trained staff knowledgeable about energy handling.
When Feng Shui cures are made, they are not manufactured with a special intent, just imagine, millions of Feng Shui cures are made yearly!

Prior to arriving to your home, they need to be properly cleansed of any unintended energies in the making, shipping or handling processes. This is something that we practice with each and every cure before shipment. They are cleansed, energy infused and treated in a special environment by trained staff. When they arrive, cures are ready to start working in your home.
Remember to always read about the company, store, or person you are purchasing such powerful energetic items from. Not very much people know who handled their items before their arrival, the results will surely differ from a good source than from an unclear one.
Never buy Feng Shui cures from a garage sale, used items being sold as “antique pieces”, trading sales, generic stores selling all types of “Asian Items”, etc.

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2. Happily Welcoming the Energy:

Remember to have a happy mind-set when purchasing your new Feng Shui cures. Since you are welcoming new energy and opportunities into your life!

How to dispose of old Feng Shui cures?

You can wrap them in any type of red paper, thank them for their fulfilled service and purpose, and and bury them in the earth.

Now all your questions have been answered! We hope you start the year with wonderful, prosperous energy. Make it last!