Feng Shui Water Element Placement & Tips

Posted by Sarah@UFS on 31st May 2016

Feng Shui Water Element Placement & Tips

Feng Shui Water Fountains

Typically made from rich, natural materials and crafted to please the eye, these water fountains are a beautiful addition to any home. Water fountains bring the energy of water element and add a natural flow to an otherwise stagnant environment. They bring prosperity and abundance.  

Having a Feng Shui water fountain in your home, office or other space encourages the flow of positive Chi and invite in wealth and success. Water fountains also invite a sense of calm and peace into the space, allowing for more creative thinking, productivity and relaxation.

What is the best Feng Shui water element placement?

There are a few possibilities for the placement of a Feng Shui water element, depending on your goals. Water elements thrive in the north, east and southeast areas of the home or office, or in areas related to your career, wealth, family and health, depending on where the need for abundance and auspicious vibes is greatest. Always place the fountain so that the water flows towards the center of the sector, as this will allow the energy to flow inward. Placing it away from the center will cause the positive energy to disperse and be lost. Also avoid placing water fountains in the bedroom or kitchen, and don’t place too many fountains in the space as they can cause indecisiveness and apathy.

In the office

Placing a water fountain in the office is ideal as the element of water welcomes in wealth and prosperity. It will help bring about success in your work endeavors, particularly if placed in the northern area of the office. Fountains placed at work should freely flow. A free flowing fountain symbolizes a constant flow of success and will help attract continued success and achievement at work. Get this Water Fountain HERE.

At home

The fountain should be placed in the wealth corner of the house (north, east and southeast) unless those areas contain the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, in which case the fountain should be placed in the wealth corner of the living.  Avoid placing the fountain under stairs as this can bring misfortune for children to the home. Get this Water Fountain HERE.

Near an entrance

Another excellent tip is to place a water fountain near the front door with the flow of water facing inward. This will invite in wealth and prosperity and keep it centered in the home. Do not place a fountain near the entrance flowing outward as this will cause a loss of money and wealth. Get this Water Fountain HERE