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Everything you Need to Know About Healing Crystals for Pets

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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Healing Crystals for Pets

Photo: EnergyMuse

Pets play a huge role in a family's life and keeping them safe, healthy and happy is a great responsibility! Looking for the best supplements, treatments, and cures for them is a big part of our dedication to our beloved little friends. So what's the big trend with Healing Crystals for pets? Do they work? How did they become so popular all of a sudden? So many questions!

But first, let's learn how our pets affect our energy at home and why it is also important for our environment to have our pets healthy and happy as much as we are.

Pets Play a Big Role

Our pets play a big role in the energy of our homes. They can either positively or negatively impact the chi, depending on how they are treated. Pets generate their own energy that affects the space, if the home is truly balanced, then they will reflect that on their behavior and health.

Our friends have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and provide comfort, and their energy, vitality and constantly upbeat natures can improve the overall chi energy of the home.

The Spaces they Roam Must Have a Good Flow of Energy

We need to make sure to treat our pets with love and affection, and also consider the Feng Shui of the factors that affect their lives, such as the placement of their food, water, bed, and toys.
Remember: A neglected pet can  affect the health and happiness of the animal and the overall energy of the home. Make sure your pet has a space that’s all its own that is clean and well-maintained, ideally near the left corner or center position of the far wall of your home.

Keep the places where they sleep and eat clean and sheltered, helping your pet stay healthy, active and comfortable.

Why will Healing Crystals Help with your Pet's Well-Being?

First things first, how do Healing Crystals work? The unique structure of crystals allows certain vibrations to add up and radiate as energy. Energy radiated from the healing stones is subtle and positive. The interesting part is each stone has a different frequency, hence they can be used for different purposes.

People have been studying these properties of crystals for many centuries. Different stones have been used to heal various conditions and problems on humans and animals.

6 Ways you Can use Healing Crystals on your Pets:

  • Placing them in your Pet's Bed:

You can place 2 or 3 crystals under your pet's bed and see how it works. If your pet usually sleeps in their bed and after the crystals have been placed they no longer do, it may be because the energy on the stone is too intense. In case that there is comfortable energy, the positive effects of the stone will be evident in just a few days.

  • Attaching a Pendant to their collar:

This is a practical way of putting the crystals to work! Simply attach the crystal of your choice to your pet's collar, it's a cute and useful accessory! Get Healing Crystal Pendants for Pets


  • Crystal Elixir:

Add the crystal of your choice to their drinking bowl this would leave the energy imprint in the water which would be directed to the most needed area. (Malachite is not recommended for pets)

  • Creating a Circle of Crystals:

While your pet is lying down, create a mandala or Star of David around your pet, or arrange them how you feel is right. You can start with a 20 minute session until your pet walks away from the arrangement.

  • Crystals and Photos:

You can distantly affect your pet’s wellness by placing crystals and stones pointing towards your pet’s picture.

  • Chakra Placements:

Crystals have a deep connection with the chakra system. If you already have the understanding of the chakra system, you can use the same color crystal that corresponds to a specific illness in the chakra system.

Ok that's great, but now... 

How do I choose which Healing Crystal is right for my pet?

Photo: EnergyMuse

Here is where you come in, as the owner and family member you know more about your pet than anyone else. So choose based on what you see or feel may be going on. You can choose based on a physical issue or an emotional one, there are crystals for everything! Here's a couple of tips:

  • Choose the crystal that can be used for a particular issue or condition.
  • Choose based on intuition, what feels "right" for your little one?

Lastly, take your precautions:

Make sure the stones cannot be swallowed by the animal and track their progress with each stone.

Healing Crystals are a great, non-chemical way to ensure your pet's emotional and physical well-being. Give them a try!

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