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 Behold the powerful Wealth Bull, a symbol of prosperity and auspicious luck for your business endeavors and personal finances. This majestic figure is depicted biting on a string of gold coins, with the sacred Hum syllable adorning its back atop a lotus.  The Wealth Bull embodies strength, resilience, and abundance, making it a potent symbol for enhancing business success. It is not merely a decorative item but a revered symbol of enlightened beings, bestowing blessings upon those who welcome its presence into their homes and business spaces.  Placing the Wealth Bull in your workspace acts as a beacon for spotting significant opportunities. Its positive influence brings about realizations that enhance your abilities, enabling you to make informed decisions in all situations. Suitable to display in the Big Auspicious annual sectors, for 2024 display in the East, Northeast or Southwest.

Bejeweled Metal Figure measure 5" w x 3.5 H