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Bagua Mirror with double Protection

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This is one of the most sophisticated-looking Baguas, perfect for those whose wish for subtle-looking but potent home enhancer and protectors. This convex Bagua is excellent deflecting poison arrows pointing or facing directly to your house.

Mirrors are used to protect a house from harmful energy which may attack the occupants, also can be used in office and shops on front doors (outside) to deflect negative energy from poison arrows such as the sharp edge of a building, tree trunk, any kind of tower, the angle of a roof-line and any other offending structure facing at your front door.

This eight-sided symbol is very beneficial since its power comes from the trigrams which are arranged on each side of the eight sides. It is only used outside. Never hang a Bagua mirror inside the house. 

The back side of the mirror features additional auspicious words and symbols to deflect afflictions.

Measure 4.5" W.