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People born in the year of 1975 (Feb. 11, 1975 - Jan. 30, 1976) 

For those born before Feb. 11, 1975, they belong to the zodiac animal of Wood Tiger.

Hedonistic, friendly and tolerant, generous and understanding, the Wood Rabbit sometimes shows a little too much carelessness in his social and professional relationships, which may harm him by attracting around him unscrupulous people, who might shamelessly take advantage of his kindness.

The person born in the the Year of the Rabbit, whose diplomatic skills and taste for working in a group are highly developed, must however fight against his natural inclination to make arbitrary decisions whenever he feels threatened. In case of failure to control his rebellious nature if his tranquility is disturbed, the inflexible behavior of the Wood Rabbit could inadvertently offend the very same people he needs to achieve his goals successfully.