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Salt Cleansing Cure for hidden spaces- 10 BOXES

Salt Cleansing Cure for hidden spaces- 10 BOXES

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Placing  cleansing salt on hidden spaces, under your bed and corners behind furniture, will help to keep the area clear or negative energy. Remove the cleansing salt every 2 or 3 months and replace it for fresh one. This box is ready to use filled with cleansing salt and one metal coin. Just open the box and place it in the desired area. 

To use salt for space clearing, sprinkle a bit around the periphery of each room, paying particular attention to the corners, where stagnant energy tend to accumulate. Leave the salt in place for at least 48 hours before removing it so that it has enough time to fully absorb and cleanse the energy. A bit of salt can be left in the corners over time to act as an energy booster. Never eat the salt that has been used in a space clearing ceremony... Dispose of it by putting it down a drain and running cold water until it has left the plumbing system.

This offer includes 10 Boxes of Salt Cure

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