Sacred Resource Cow -Guardian of Prosperity

Sacred Resource Cow -Guardian of Prosperity

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Introducing the Sacred Resource Cow - an extraordinary amulet empowered by the potent Dakini Wealth and Resource amulets. This exquisite piece is carefully crafted to enhance prosperity, power, and recognition luck in your life.The Sacred Resource Cow is not just a symbol of abundance but a powerful protector against poverty. It has been revered for centuries for its ability to attract great wealth and bring forth the resources needed to generate prosperity for everyone in the family.  Display this remarkable amulet anywhere in your home to replenish the essential element of resources. By doing so, you can effectively tap into all the opportunities and blessings that the coming year has to offer. With its intricate design and sacred energy, the Sacred Resource Cow serves as a constant reminder of your desire for financial success and abundance. Its presence radiates positivity, attracting favorable energies that support your goals.

Whether placed in your living room, office, or personal altar, this amulet serves as a powerful Feng Shui enhancer.

Metal bejeweled Resource Cow measure 5" L