Programming your Amethyst to Strengthen Relationships

Programming your Amethyst to Strengthen Relationships

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The nature of the amethyst cluster is a strong cure for many purposes, it has been used to aid long-term relationships in Taoists practices for ages. Being such a high-vibration crystal, it permits to transmit any energy level in any area of your life and home. Being the bedroom one of the most important areas for love and relationship, having a programmed Amethyst crystal here is energetically important.

This will strengthen the matriarchal energy of the relationship. With this cure, add photos of the happy marriage and showing signs of affection and anything you'd like to wish for the marriage to be.

Place this amethyst cluster under the foot of your bed to promote a strong and lasting relationship.  Cleansing the crystal regularly will also keep the stone working perfectly.

Natural cluster measures approximately 2.5 H. Shape may vary.