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Pixiu Pendant

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In feng shui, Pixiu is considered a creature of wealth. When you wear a Pixiu bracelet, it is believed to attract money luck. This creature is said to hunt for treasures and bring them to its owner. Thus, Pixiu is commonly used to enhance wealth.  Also called Pi Yao, this mythical creature is believed to protect one from all kinds of bad luck. It is useful for anyone at risk of offending the Grand Duke Jupiter or annual Tai Sui astrology. All those born in the zodiac animal sign of the year, as well as the animal directly opposite is believed to be offending the Tai Sui and thus need the protection of the Pi Yao.  It is widely believed that by stroking the Pi Yao will help increase your wealth luck. The Pi Yao is fashionable and auspicious, bringing protection and good fortune to the wearer.

Crafted in metal. Pendant measure  1.5", includes leather necklace.