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METAL RAT (1960, 2020)

People born in the year of 1960 (Jan. 28, 1960 - Feb. 14, 1961) belong to metal Rat family .

Those born before Jan. 28, 1960, they belong to the zodiac animal of Earth Pig.


A whole character in everything they do, people born in the Year of the Metal Rat love their freedom more than anything else, and hate being prompted or forced into a situation they dislike or have no interest for. The Metal Rat is the most jealous and most domineering of his peers. His thirst for recognition and admiration doesn't seem to have any limits. Brilliant and ingenious when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems, the Metal Rat however finds it very difficult to accept and learn from his failures. As he rarely enjoys any type of solitude, when he happens to be deprived of the unwavering moral support of his family, the Metal Rat becomes prone to depression. Smart and emotional when he's in a good mood, it's also important to note that he's considered to be the most generous of all Rats.