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There is no better remedy against health afflictions than Medicine Buddha and the 7 Sugatas. Medicine Buddha always comes to the aid of those who are suffering when one calls for his help. His area of expertise is in the removal of poisons, disease and illness, and the Medicine Buddha and 7 Sugata Gau features all 8 of his emanations and their powerful mantras in whole. Place in a prominent part of the home or living room to stay under his protection constantly, or wherever the illness star occurs.

Excellent for anyone who is ill, feeling unwell or elderly with health problems. It is also recommended for keeping the entire household safe against contagious diseases and the coronavirus. Display in the center of your home, on the altar, in the sector afflicted by #2 Illness Star or in the living/main room as this is believed to eliminate not only pain of diseases but also help in overcoming the major inner sickness of hatred, attachment, greed, desire and ignorance, and to remove obstacles to having a healthy body and mind. Those who are always sick or have poor health luck reading should chant the Medicine's Buddha mantra daily to further empower this Feng Shui cure.

Metal Gau measure 4.75" H x 4: w