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Feng Shui Kalachakra charm

Kalachakra Protection Mantra Charm

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Also known as the "Tenfold Powerful Ones" or "The One with Ten Powers, ” this symbol is best placed close to the main entrance of the home or office. This placement offers good fortune and protection against untimely death and harm from evil spirits. This symbol is also a formidable Metal Cure known to weaken the evil influences of the malignant stars #2 and #5 that bring misfortune and accidents.   

It can also be carried and kept as a good luck amulet into the car or handbag.  

The Kalachakra metal charm measures 10.5" in length and features a fantastically intricate and multicolored design.

More about the Kalachakra symbol:

KALACHAKRA, or “Time Wheel” in Sanskrit, is one of the most powerful symbols of protection. Coming from Tibet, it holds an important place in Tibetan Tantric tradition and has for many centuries.  The most popular symbol is the Kalachakra seed symbol. Featuring interlocking bodies, this mystical monogram is composed of seven syllables. They are beautifully rendered in Lantsa script and are crowned with the symbols of the Sun, Crescent Moon and Dissolving Flame, thus providing a total of ten very powerful elements within a single image.