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HOUSE READING- How Lucky is your House?

HOUSE READING- How Lucky is your House?

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Did you know your house posses its own Luck?  - How lucky is your house?
Based on the Facing house direction, the year the property was built in and your birthday information, you can know how lucky is your home.
Are you living in the right house ? do your house give you Luck or for the contrary prevents you from reaching your goals and progress in life?

There are 9 areas to explore that belong to nine life aspirations, for example, financial and wealth luck, love and relationship, Education and career growth and more.
The blueprint of your house will indicate favorable and unfavorable sectors and how you can remedy those that are not so auspicious. These bad area may be holding back in your personal, financial or career progress or preventing you from reaching your goals. Bad aspected areas could be afflicting your finances and causing money loss. The House reading is extremely important for those that want to make progress in different areas of their lives.

This reading includes detailed information about the nine sectors of your house covering, finances, love and relationship, education, creativity, and blooming projects, career prospects, mentors and heaven support, health for all household and family luck,
Also special formations, and astrological combinations which are unique to your house.
Your house Element, Trigram, and numerology.


How to remedy bad areas 

Where the luckiest sector for wealth is located

You will receive a printed report within 3-4 days after the order is placed.

What we need for this reading:

  • BIRTH DATE (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • BIRTH TIME (00:00 am/pm) (if you don’t know your birth time, we will use 12:00)

  • Home’s facing direction in degrees. ( need help? add a note in your order, we'll help on this)

  • Property construction year (if you don’t know the year, please let us know if it was built before 2004)

Please write down this information in the NOTES section of your order.