laughing buddha

Golden Laughing Buddha with Ingot

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The Laughing Buddha is now also displayed in the office and prominent places in business venues, such as the front counter, lobby or cashier. He is also a highly revered figure placed at the altar in many temples.

The Laughing Buddha himself is a vision of happiness; his face is always in a happy, laughing expression (hence his name) and his position is jolly. He is a manifestation of wealth luck due to all the auspicious symbols that he holds, some of these being a Ru Yi, Wu Lou, and various gold ingots and coins. He also usually keeps beside him pots and bags filled with treasures. This buddha carry the money bag on the back.

Golden Money Buddha                                                                                                                                           

Place the Golden Money Buddha in the setore where the #8 Auspicious Wealth Star flies in. This is an extremely auspicious star that brings wealth, success and happiness.

Golden Buddha Measure: 2.5" H

Design may vary. However, Buddha will always be holding Ingots.