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Fertility Kuan Yin Holding a Baby

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Embrace the symbol of fertility and maternal energy with Kuan Yin cradling a baby, offering hope and blessings to couples on their journey to parenthood. This sacred depiction not only signifies the nurturing essence of motherhood but also invites good fortune and prosperity into the family's lineage.  In the gentle embrace of Kuan Yin, children are imbued with the virtues of compassion and filial piety, ensuring they grow up with integrity and respect for family values. Adorned with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra, this figure radiates divine blessings and protection.  Place this loving depiction of Kuan Yin in your bedroom or on your night table to harness its fertility-enhancing energy and foster strong family bonds.

Metal Round Plaque measure 3.75" Diam. Acrylic stand.