Feng Shui for Cars

Most of people spend hours at a time in their cars, and they  often become mini-homes where we live our lives. And like our homes, they reflect our personalities and become an extension of ourselves. If you spend a good amount of time driving, applying good Feng Shui is a good idea.

The most important thing is to keep the space clean so that it may have a healthy flow of energy. Remove clutter such as fast food cartons, parking tickets, food wrappers, empty water bottles, etc. This will allow for a free flow of energy.

If you find that it’s hard to concentrate while driving or if you’ve have several minor accidents, cleanse the car with a bell to improve its atmosphere. This will allow for better concentration that may reduce future incidents.  

Finally, add Feng Shui symbols that appeal to you on a personal level or that attract energies you wish to bring into your life, such as symbols that attract influential people into your life or business, symbols that attract health, or symbols that attract prosperity and wealth.