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Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

Learn about the Real Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet

The Pixiu bracelet is very popular among business people and gamblers and it is used to attract wealth luck and abundance. The Pixiu is know as symbol of wealth and protection. This bracelet is made of obsidian crystals is a natural crystal stone also used as protection against negative energy from other people. 

How to wear a Feng Shui Pixiu Bracelet

The Pixiu bracelet is best worn on the left hand, instead of the right hand, because it is believed wearing it on the left will attract good wealth luck and if you wear it on the right, it is giving away your wealth to other people. The head of the Pixiu should be facing outwards, as it symbolizes going out to gather wealth and bring it back for you. Do not wear it facing towards yourself.

When you are sleeping, bathing or any other situation that you are not wearing it, you should rest the Pi Xiu into a silver or sterling silver bowl filled with precious items such semi precious gems, silver or gold.  Always touch the Pixiu while wearing it to connect with it and let it know that you are its owner. Avoid having someone touching it but if it happens, cleanse the bracelet with sage, camphor incense or purifying herbs for this purpose.