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EARTH RABBIT (1939, 1999)

People born in the year of 1939 (Feb. 19, 1939 - Feb. 08, 1940) or 1999 (Feb. 16, 1999 - Feb. 04, 2000)

For those born before Feb. 19, 1939 or Feb. 16, 1999, they belong to the zodiac animal of Earth Tiger.

The Earth Rabbit is serious, stable and confident. Though materialistic and potentially manipulative, he remains a friendly personality. The Earth Rabbit prefers to escape unpleasant situations, except when his family and those he loves are directly concerned.

Despite his egocentric and solitary trend, the Earth Rabbit, always pragmatic, still manages to quickly identify his faults and correct them. Indeed, the Earth Rabbit knows for a fact that the adjustment and correction of his defects are the necessary condition to the successful continuation of his existence.