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Blue Tara Gau Home Protection

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This beautiful Blue Tara Gau Home Protection Amulet offers powerful strength against harm. It is adorned with blue sapphire-colored crystals reminiscent of the Blue Tara, the goddess who is best known for the ability to overcome major obstacles in life. If a rival threatens your self-confidence, if you feel you are being kept from the success you desire, if you are faced with violence or office politics, or if you feel black magic has been used against you, it’s wise to keep this amulet close by. It can be carried or displayed in your home to ward off harmful energy and urge you toward successful outcomes.

Blue Tara is the Goddess of Victory over illness, disasters, dark spells, enemies, curse, violence and war. She also safeguards you from people and wandering spirits that mean you harm. If whenever you feel you are under some kind of these threats, seek Blue Tara's protection.

Bejeweled Gau measure 3" H