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Jade Plant & Succulent- Meaning and Benefits

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 3rd May 2019

Jade Plant & Succulents- Meaning and Benefits

The jade plant is a succulent type of plant that is very easy to grow and care for with many unique benefits and meanings to offer. 


These tiny, charming plants add an amazing touch of both positive energy and decor to any space.

In Asia, the Jade plant succulent is a very popular good luck charm according to Feng Shui as it is thought to attract wealth and lucky energies. Its vibrant green leaves which store water in them activate growth and renewal. The small round leaves symbolize jade coins and this adds to its already special meaning.

Did you know? There is a very popular saying in Asia: “Jade by the door, poor no more!”

This is why, getting it for yourself as well as gifting it to someone who is moving into a new home or starting a new business is so thoughtful. Whenever you gift a Jade plant or any succulent, you are blessing your friends with good fortune and wishing them good omens. 

feng shui jade plant money plant

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Where to place the Jade Plant or Succulents at Home?

Place it in the SE area of your home, office or living space. This is regarded as the Feng Shui Wealth area in every home. You can also place it near your entrance to invite good fortune! They really do look amazing anywhere you choose to display them.

During 2019, all homes or offices that have this or any charming Jade plant close to their entrance will greatly attract financial gains, growth, and renewal. 


Other Benefits of having Feng Shui Plants in your Spaces:

Whether or not you practice Feng Shui at home it is always a good practice to monitor the quality of the air inside your spaces. Indoor pollution can sometimes be even more harmful than the outer one if there is not enough circulation of oxygen, and plants help out with this greatly.

By placing practical succulents in your home you are combining both energetic energies and air-purifiers. Two in one!