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How to Create a Loving & Strong Marriage with Feng Shui

Posted by Sarah on 22nd Jun 2017

How to Create a Strong & Loving Relationship with Easy Feng Shui Methods

Relationships are something we all need to put our time and dedication into, to make them last and for them to carry on smoothly. Feng Shui can definitely help with that energy flow! 

Follow this article to create a loving relationship with your partner.


The first Feng Shui check-up you need to do is checking this area.
When enhancing the southwest sector for love, marriage and good relationship, it is also important to pay close attention to the North West, because this is the sector ruled by the patriarch, father and husband of the family and the southwest is the matriarch, women and wife sector of the house.

We need to work on both these areas together to create a bonding energy between the ying and yang or Feminine and Masculine energy.

There are certain Feng Shui cures for love and other fixes you can implement here, but first, make sure that these two areas exist in the home. They cannot be missing, otherwise, the foundation of the family can get compromised and affected. If it's missing, keep reading!


Fixing a missing NW is extremely important because this suggests that the patriarch “is missing”, absent , or his work is keeping him out of the home unreasonable amounts of time.
For those single, it will be hard to find a husband. A missing northwest may also mean that the husband may leave the house or create a separate life.

Fixing issues in the Northwest

  • Install a bright light outside the missing area shining upwards and install a large metal chime.

  • A bathroom in this sector needs attention! Hang a metal chime outside the bathroom.

  • If a storage room is located in this sector, try to remodel it, and open it to free up the Chi energy and install a bright light or lamp.

Enhance and Strengthen the NW for a Strong Marriage

In Feng Shui, your marriage strength and duration has to do with this area of the home. Metal and earth elements are the key elements here.

  • Place symbols that strengthen the wife-husband energy, such a happy photography of you and your husband and children smiling. This will set the message that he has a family and wife.
  • Hang a large 6 rods metal chime in the corner, this will bring the metal energy to strengthen the sector, therefore concentrating the metal energy. This will attract auspicious luck and good energy to the men of the household.
  • Use metal frame for family or couple photography.
  • Place natural stone clusters (earth produces metal) this energy will tune in the husband towards the family.
  • DO NOT place any type of nude art or magazines in the area, this will create the message of infidelity.
  • Avoid mirrors reflecting the bed, this tends to attract a third party into the marriage.
  • Avoid large water features in the sector, like ponds on the right side of the house front door, this may develop a roving eye on the husband.


To fix the SW implement Earth element and symbols that create a love bond, these key in the southwest.

  • Install a bright light outside the southwest missing corner, shining upwards, if possible, place earth element decorations such as clay pots.

  • When a bathroom is located in the southwest, fix it with the earth element colors and decorative items, such as crystal stones (e. rose quartz). Check Feng Shui Bathroom Cures.

  • When a closet is located in the southwest, try to free it up, open it and use it for other purpose. Liberate the Chi energy for better communication. Place a bright light or lamp. If you have a garage located in this sector, fix it by painting with earthy colors, light brown, sandy and yellow.

Hopefully this Feng Shui guide for a strong marriage will help your relationship and all couples strive and succeed!