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Feng Shui Money Plant- The Money Magnet in Feng Shui

Posted by Sarah @UFS on 24th Apr 2017

The Jade Plant is a Money Magnet in Feng Shui

Learn more about this special plant, where to place it and all its meanings!


There are many special plants and succulents, but the Jade Plant holds deep and amazing meanings in Feng Shui. It is just above and beyond. Find out why you need one at home, and so do your friends!

The Money Plant is a variation of succulent plants .This plant store water inside their leaves that make it the perfect feng shui plant because the stored water equals stored wealth and abundance.They are very simple and easy to grow and the best part is, they are magical and special. Another significant prope

rty of this plant is it can regrow from a single leave, this symbolizes easy propagation of money.

The Money Plant, also called Jade plant, have beautiful jade-green color leaves that stands for growth and renewal, while the shape of the leaves resembles small coins, attracting material wealth and prosperity to the owner.
Jade Plant is a popular good luck plant thought to activate financial energies. This beautiful Money Plant is a traditional gift for businesses and many business owners to place near the entrance of their restaurants or shops, or in a southeast location to bring prosperity and success. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, Money Plants are set on top of stock and investment certificates so they will increase in value during the coming year. The Jade plant is a perfect housewarming gift believed to bring overall prosperity, fortune and wealth.  


Where should you place the Money Plant?

This beautiful Money plant arrangement with the wealth coin, is welcome in any location in home and office, except in bathrooms. However, there are special locations according to the Bagua map that can match the wealth energy of the sector.

  • Place it in the southeast corner of your home or room which belong to the wealth area, and it is believed that each new leaf will increase your wealth.
  • Another great location is the west, the sector where the projects bloom.
  • According to Feng Shui practices, it encourages placing Jade Plant in east locations for family harmony and prosperity.

Let the Jade plant invite abundance, wealth, and growth into your home.

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