Bathroom CURES

The main energetic problem posed by bathrooms involves their drains; blocking them up helps avoid the loss of chi. we recommend that you keep a stopper in the tub and the shower and sink drains when they are not in use. Both of these cures help to retain energy in the house, and in your life.

You can minimize the Feng Shui problem of the bathroom using the cures given in this section. These solutions can make your home healthier and wealthier. Here are some tips for cures in your bathroom:

  • You can place stalks of Lucky Bamboo because it is considered a good Wealth and Abundance symbol.
  • What wealth means to you. You can place these kinds of objects in your bathroom to represent wealth.
  • Make your bathroom as similar as you can to a spa. Make sure to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom.
  • Always keep the toilet seat down because the bathroom has the most leakage of energy.
  • Always keep this space very clean and free from clutter. 
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