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The universe is in constant movement, this affects our personal luck directly as well as the spaces we live in. Chinese astrology offers predictions of luck/afflictions in certain areas of the home, these are called the “Flying Stars”, as in moving stars. This calculation can be done yearly or monthly. Many choose to follow only the yearly, and others make arrangements yearly and monthly. With cures and symbols, you can energize or subdue the energy in your spaces and tap into the luck and protect from afflictions throughout the month. If you are currently following the yearly “Flying Stars” and want to make arrangements monthly we suggest you keep the yearly cures in place. Monthly cures can be moved around from month to month depending on your needs.

In each grid you will see 2 numbers. The number in the CENTER indicates the yearly star’s position and the number in the lower RIGHT hand corner indicates the monthly star’s position.




FEBRUARY 4 - MAR 5- 2020 





























Dec 7, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020


Watch out for the SOUTH & SOUTHWEST sectors because strong malicious energy arises here.






SOUTHWEST STAR 7 +5  Misfortune affects people who sleep or work in this sector. Violence, robbery or money loss is a possibility.

Betrayal & Anti burglary Amulet

5 Element Pagoda Amulet against misfortune

Blue Rhino to place at home to protect from Burglary and Loss

Anti Robbery Plaque

Anti Robbery Sticker


SOUTH  STAR 5+3  Arguments and misfortune surrounds this sector, with money luck being severely affected. If you sleep in this sector now, a lawsuit is even possible.

5 Element Pagoda Amulet against misfortune

5 Element Pagoda to place at home


SOUTHEAST STAR 7+9 monthly star 9 magnify the annual robbery star 7, causing betrayal and violence magnified!

Place the Red Face Kuan Khon in this sector


WEST STAR 1+3  Stress and arguments arise and jeopardize the victory luck brought by the annual star. A major fight looms ahead, which could lead to a legal issue if some protection is not put in place.

Red Foo Dog Amulet to control arguments

Fire Ball to place at home or office


CENTER STAR 8+1  Victory luck promises prosperity and money luck as well as an improvement in career.

Victory Banner Amulet 

Wealth Bowl with 8 Ingots to place at home


EAST STAR 6+8 Prosperity luck will seem to be Heaven-sent this month, and an abundance of money could come around. 

Wealth God to place at home

Double Carp 8 Figure amulet  for Abundance


NORTHWEST STAR 9+2 A double dose of negativity arises in this sector now. Stress and illness are a threat and could be an issue all month long. Elderly people are advised not to sleep in a room in this sector, as the illness they may encounter could turn quite serious. 

Metal Wulou to display at home to overcome the monthly sickness star

Anti Illness Amulet 


NORTH STAR 4+6 This sector is blessed by the star #6 this month. It encourages a boost in money luck and even a windfall. Career and business success will reap the rewards.

Hang the Gui Ren amulet to attract the monthly Heaven Luck


NORTHEAST STAR 2+4. Love gets a boost for singles. Those who are married must be aware of a threat of infidelity in their relationship

Carry the Red Fox against infidelity and to avoid third party interference

Carry the 9 Tailed White Fox to boost changes for those looking for a partner 











Watch out for the Southeast & Northeast sectors this month

because both the annual and monthly stars are malicious!



7-3.pngThe SE is being heavily afflicted by the quarrelsome star, especially to all people living in homes facing in this direction. You will also find yourself afflicted if you are occupying a room in this location. This affliction will also take a toll on the oldest daughter of the family, snake and dragon born. It is best that you appease the angry energy here by decorating with the color red, representing the fire element, by adding pillows, carpets, and other accents. Place the Fire Ball here to avert arguments and disagreements. Rooms in this location can hang the Harmony door hanger. Carry the Fireball Amulet for protection. 



3-8.pngHomes facing towards the South as well as rooms located in this sector will be beneficially visited by the #8 Prosperity Star during the month of September, which will greatly spread its fortune luck. Anyone in this sector, should carry the Wealth Activator Amulet ot the Dharani Chest Amulet to tap into this luck. If you’ve been thoroughly looking for a promotion or in need to collect old debts, write out a wish, include the amount and place it in your money altar at home. God of Wealth. Keep a close eye on children and middle daughter and horse born, hang a Wu Lou on the bed. Because of the stars’ combination, if possible, it would be safe to move children out of this sector if their room is located here. 



5-1.pngThe SW looks very promising during the month of September due to the presence of the Victory Star #1. However, due to a clash of elements (Water & Earth), which do not go well together, people living in this sector and in homes facing SW will need to find balance. Boost victory and winning luck with the 5 Flags of Victory, or carry the Victory Banner Amulet however, be mindful of your safety. There could be injuries or accidents caused by distractions, especially for people who spend a lot of time in this area, whether in bedrooms or in living spaces. Display Herbal Wu Lous to cure this. There will also be problems in love, and even if this is a #1 Victory Star spot, it may not be a good month for occupants in this sector.



6-2.pngThe East is visited by the #2 Illness Star this September. Anyone spending time in this sector or with a home facing in this direction might start feeling sickness creeping up if not careful enough. Place and carry a Wulou and Anti-Illness Amulet for this purpose. The sum of these two numbers, however, can spark opportunities of wealth luck, to energize this carry the Good Income Talisman and the Monkey Riding the Horse for opening doors to career opportunities. Take advantage of this star combination this month, take the risks you’ve been waiting to take. Don’t take a seat in the back and show your strengths. 



8-4.pngThe lovely, #4 Peach Blossom Love Star makes a stunning entrance in the center. Gifting a little boost to all relationships, especially romantic ones! For singles, if this is your preferred sector or your home is facing in this direction, you might get hooked this month! To attract this love luck, display Double Happiness Symbols and wear the DZI bracelet for Love. Make sure you keep this sector of your home lively, happy and roaring with activity. The charming #4 also welcomes a lot of creative energy into this space during September, which will make it much easier for ideas to flow freely and think of fresh new directions to take in your career or life in general.



1-6.pngThe west is looking great during this month, while it enjoys the celestial combination of the Victory Star and the Heaven Star. If your room is in the west, invite the mentoring and heaven support luck by hanging the Gui Ren Door Hanger to increase changes of new opportunities and paths. This is your time to boost your career luck. This sector looks very promising for anyone studying as well as young people. If you’re still in school, make sure you spend time in the west and relish in this positive energy, which will help you boost academic success. Display the Luo Han to bring you scholastic achievements.



2-7.pngHomes facing in this direction should take smart decisions as per security during this month, as there is a big risk of thefts and break-ins during September. Be mindful of locking your doors and turning on your alarm system, even if you’re going out for a while. Display the Anti Robbery Door Hanger facing your entrance for protection, as well as Anti Robbery Stickers, or the Anti Robbery Plaque.There is a risk of violence, so try not to engage in arguments, petty fights, or quarrels. On the other hand, this star combination is actually auspicious, forming the Big Wealth 2/7 Ho Tu. Money may be lost, but you will re-gain it. Safeguard your wealth by displaying the Wealth Coin near you.


4-9.pngFor home facing North, business luck has come to stay throughout September. If your bedroom or office is located in the North, congrats! This will be a very lucky month for you in terms of increased wealth and profits. Make sure to display The Vasudhara Goddess to enhance success as well as the Yellow Tara to magnify this good luck. This will also be a beneficial time for students who are preparing for exams or big tests. As to academics, make sure you spend more time in the North part of the home, this will enhance your productive time and boost your focus.



9-5.pngFrom a very lucky sector this month, we’re jumping straight into the NW which is very unlucky this month. The 5 Yellow enters and is enhanced by the yearly #9. Make sure this sector remains as quite as possible. Hang the 5 Element Charm or select the Metal card or charms here. Hold off home renovations, banging, loud music, and big gatherings in this area or wherever you spend a lot of your time. These afflicted energies might affect the Patriarch of the family, male leader, boar and dog born, make sure you invoice the power of the Precious Umbrella to appease these energies.