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Health & Family

Feng Shui Cures and Tips for Health and Family Area- Boost your Health

Feng Shui can benefit both your home’s energy balance and your family’s health. When you increase the energy levels around you and within you, it is easier to enjoy a healthy life. Colors, clutter, decorations and symbols all affect your mind— for good or bad, and it is important to surround yourself with combinations of these things that bring positive Chi. Keep in mind: If the space is not healthy, the individual is not healthy nor has happiness. 

5 Ways to Enhance your Health and Family Area:

•  Colors have a profound impact on how we feel and how our bodies function. Colors can affect how well we sleep, how productive we are at work, and everything in between. Feng Shui principles recommend using greens and light browns to stabilize emotions, promote healing and encourage overall balance.

•  Add Wood Element plus a Water Element (water nourishes wood) in the Eastern area of your space to encourage positive energy. Healthy plants, objects made from wood and flowing water are best, also, paint the area with light greens, browns, blues and blacks and display art depicting wood and water elements.

•  Display images that represent what you and your family desire for your wellness.

•  Always keep good lighting and fresh air in this area so energy can flow freely.


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