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a Super Auspicious House in 2022!

A house facing West enjoy TWO BIG AUSPICIOUS this year. This good fortune luck arrives in form of new opportunities for all its residents. It is advisable to use this entrance as much as possible.

The presence of the Yi Duo star will bring minors issues in the sector. Houses with axis West-East will be so fortunate this year, enjoying 3 Big Auspicious, 1 Small Auspicious and also the Golden Deity Star! 

A Big Auspicious Star brings good fortune and the kind of luck that can be life changing,  pushes you out of the plateau and helps you setting back on an upward path. It bring excellent luck in career, promotion and business. Small Auspicious bring continued good fortune in smaller occurrences and makes your life smoother. 

Note that in the Flying Star chart, a house facing west receives the energy of the #7 star. This star can cause money loss, betrayal, and robbery. It is suggested to suppress this energy by displaying the anti-robbery plaque and carrying a protective amulet to keep the energy of money loss at bay and enjoy the extraordinary fortune of the Auspicious Stars.