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Wealth Chime w/ Five Auspicious Coins

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Hang the Auspicious Chime in the wealth sector (southeast) Chime measure 14" L

1. Plum Blossom coin for Growth and Prosperity
This coin is shaped like the Plum Blossom Flower, symbolizing happiness and harmony. The Chinese characters (Chang Ming Shou Fu Gui) are inscribed on the five petals, bringing auspicious meanings of longevity and prosperity. On the reverse are images that bring excellent luck of a good and easy life, The Bat for Happiness & Good Fortune, Deer For Long Life & Good Income, the Peach For Good Health, The Magpie For Good News, & Success, & the Ingot For Wealth And Prosperity.

 2. Ba Gua Horoscope coin for Protection & Good Luck

This coin has all the twelve zodiacs and the names of their corresponding Earthly Branches on each side, while the reverse side bears the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua. It is a powerful amulet for good luck, and the Ba Gua charm can ward off evil influences.

3. Dragon & Phoenix coin for Happy Marriage & Harmonious Relationships

This lucky coin bears the character (Long Feng Cheng Xiang), meaning the Dragon & Phoenix brings good omens. The reverse side of this coin has the yin yang emblem of the Dragon & Phoenix bringing auspicious meanings of a fruitful marriage blessed with a great deal of success and prosperity as well as having many male descendants.

 4. Lock coin to Enhance Speculative Luck

The Lock Coin was designed to safeguard one's speculative luck at the horse race and the stock market. It has Chinese characters (Jin Yi Liang), which means one ounce of gold, and the characters (Nan Bu Ma Si) meaning wins at the horse racing grounds and stock markets.

5. Bat Lock coin to Safeguard your Wealth

This coin amulet has the bat perched on top and it has symbols of the Double Fish, Mystic Knot, Wu Lou, Abacus, Pot of Gold, Fan, Pineapple & Cabbage which symbolize good fortune, wealth, and abundant happiness. It also has all the twelve animals of the zodiac and the names of their corresponding Earthly Branches on one side, while the reverse side bears the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua.

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