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TZI CHI KAU to control disagreements & bring harmony

TZI CHI KAU to control disagreements & bring harmony

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This Gorgeous piece of art of Tzi Chi Kau is designed to subdue the hostile energy generated by #3 Quarrelsome Star visiting our residences. This annual star brings angry, disagreements and argumentative energy between families (especially between the younger and older generation) and in the workplace.  The all-metal Tzi Chi Kau  will help to eliminate the harmful energies. Displaying the Tzi pair in your home, office, or workplace will increase positive energies and keep all your relationships friendly and peaceful. Place the Tzi set in the living room or in the most occupied room in the home ( e.g family room) or in the south sector 2019 visited by the quarrelsome star #3. 

A must have protection for those living in a house facing South and people occupying bedrooms in this location.

Metal figures finely crafted, measure 4.5" x 2.75" x 3.75".