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Two-Humped Camel to help Secure your Cash Flow and Stability

Two-Humped Camel to help Secure your Cash Flow and Stability

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According to Lillian Too, camels with single humps guards your finances, while a camel with double hump will help secure your cash flow, ensuring stability and continuous income for the time to come. Camels are great companions for consistent, reliant energy to help you stay secure and energized in both stable and unstable times. Camel is known to be a protector of the people, guiding them through exhausting endeavors and difficult journeys. Called ‘ships of the desert’ camels toil through freezing cold and blistering hot conditions. They survive challenges that humans cannot even imagine because of how their humps and stomachs store large amounts of energy and then slowly draw off them. Camels will symbolically help secure a good road to steady wealth and comfort if your path to prosperity is difficulty free. Whatever your life situation, the camel will be there offering his steady and enduring energy and presence.  And for those whose career is safely on-track camels are good on the desk or in a public workplace or office to safeguard the road ahead and help you endure on your road to success.

Camel is made of solid metal, measure 3.75" W x 4" H