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Two-Humped Camel for Cash Flow and Stability

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Camels, with their unique symbolism, serve as powerful guardians for both your finances and cash flow. A single-humped camel is believed to safeguard your overall financial well-being, providing stability and security. On the other hand, a double-humped camel is associated with ensuring continuous income, adding an extra layer of reassurance for ongoing financial stability. Known as the "ships of the desert," camels are revered for their ability to navigate through extreme conditions, mirroring their resilience to guide individuals through challenging journeys. Much like these steadfast creatures, camels are seen as protectors, offering reliable energy and support in both stable and unpredictable times. Placing camel symbols in your workspace, such as on your desk or in public offices, is believed to safeguard your path ahead and provide the endurance needed on your road to success. In essence, camels embody a reliable and enduring force, guiding you through the ups and downs of your financial and professional endeavors.

Camel is made of solid metal, measure 3.75" W x 4" H