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Star #3 in the WEST- Hostility and Lawsuits

Star #3 flies to the West in 2017 bringing arguments & misunderstandings.

This conflicting star will rule the West this time around. Those whose homes sit or face West, as well as those who spend time in rooms located here will most probably feel the star's burning energy.

This hardship affects all the Rooster signs. However, being the Rooster year, the power and influence of the #3 is luckily shortened. Metal Rooster, however, must be careful. They will be the most affected. These Roosters should strengthen their metal energy by wearing golden cures. (1921, 1981- as Roosters are already of a Metal sign, this Rooster carries a double metal element – this means that they are extra steely, determined and hardworking in their goals)

The Quarrelsome #3 can be very irritating, be careful not to fall victim of its negativity. Use Feng Shui cures to avoid this, especially if you reside in this area. 

Use Fire element cures to exhaust Wood and subdue this star.

Furthermore, this Argumentative Star brings gossip to the table, along with rumors and conflict over the smallest words said by others. Situations can escalate easily by just a few malicious words. For this, use the powerful and majestic Eagle, by activating the power of the Bird (Rooster Year) you will easily subdue it.

For business owners, too, it is important to suppress the number 3 star to avoid conflicts between employer and employee, between suppliers and customers causing undesirable business obstruction. Display the Red Pyramid in your desk and on front desk of the business's premise and place the Fur to set at bay conflicts.  

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



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