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SNAKE 2022





The 9, 57, and 69-year-old Snakes have excellent health ratings. The 45-year-olds have average health ratings. 
Snakes that need to be more careful with health matters in 2022 are 21, 33, 81, and 93 years old. Those
 born under the Snake zodiac animal sign should pay attention to changes in their physical health in 2022, as they will be subjected to the “Xing Tai Sui” (Tai Sui Punishment), as well as many ominous stars exerting their destructive and negative influence. As a result, the chances of contracting an illness or getting into an accident are high.  In addition, when going out to play, the Snakes should try to stay away from steep and remote dangerous surroundings, and avoid crowding, pushing, and stampeding by avoiding getting injuries by crowding, pushing, and stampeding. At home, they should be cautious when using knives or sharp objects.

Love/ Relationship

The Snake has a highly sociable year ahead of it. The Snake sign is frequently a loner who prefers to spend time alone, but this year there is a lot of "good" company for this sign to enjoy! There is a lot more "immediate chemistry" than normal since you can readily connect with individuals. As a result of the #4 star, the Snake becomes more friendly and actively seeks the company of those with similar interests.  When working with others, the Snake is able to go quicker and further than it would on its alone. Having the opportunity to work in teams and groups is a great way to boost productivity for the Snakes, and the best part is that you'll have a great time doing it! Snakes are hopeless romantics when it comes to love, but only if they find the perfect one. Fortunately, the winds of love are blowing your way this year, and single snakes won't have to wait long to discover their soulmate.


The Snakes’ financial fortunes will be fairly commonplace. In comparison to the previous year, income will plummet. Their financial performance will be unsatisfactory in terms of their major full-time financial resources. The number of orders received by Snakes who rely on commissions and doing business, in particular, will be significantly lower than before. Similarly, the financial return on their extra part-time work will be similar. This year, the Snakes will be excellent investors, but they will be short on favorable opportunities. They will not receive high returns regardless of the type of investment they make, and they will still be exposed to certain risks. As a result, they should exercise caution in whatever investments they make this year. This year, they should make a proper plan for the use of funds and capital. They should not lend money to others on the spur of the moment. They might not be able to get the money back if they don’t do so.


In 2022, the Snakes will have a relatively stable and consistent career. Although it will be difficult for them to rise to the top of the corporate ladder, they can still achieve success in the fields they are familiar with. They may be easily distracted and uneasy during the work process in 2022. As a result, they must keep in mind and be aware of any potential errors. This year, the Snakes should take care of themselves and concentrate on themselves, rather than being tempted by other people’s high salaries. The most important thing in 2022 is to do what needs to be done right now, rather than making extreme plans and dreams. They should put off making plans until next year when their fortune arrives. 9-year-old - This Snake youngster is maturing, recognizing its interests, and starting to pursue them with more tenacity and perseverance. The Snake child thrives on admiration and attention. Place Golden 9 Level Education Pagoda on his/her desk to enhance education luck.  21-year-old - Those of you looking for work should not place too much emphasis on your initial income; instead, focus on finding a position that will allow you to advance professionally and gain new skills. 33-year-old - The previous "lockdown" year may have seemed insanely pleasant for you, but everyone eventually has to resume mingling and living in the real world.  45-year-old - Making money is a different affair than achieving success and recognition. If you possess investments, you must safeguard them from loss.  57-year-old - Anything you want this year is within your grasp. If you have an idea for a new business, go for it.



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