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Six Rods Chime to control Misfortune Star #5

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The five yellow star is located in the Southeast in 2021 . This is the most feared star in the feng shui chart as it brings severe misfortune, tragedy and bad luck. This star brings loss of income and can cause severe health complications as well. The six metal rods chime is a popular remedy to counter the affliction. 

More tips:

  • Do not dig in this sector of your garden, do not cut any trees here. Do not disturb this sector. Try to finish works before February 4th.
  • Avoid anything in red color or opening burning flame in this sector because fire element will strengthen the earth energy of #5 star. 
  • Decorate with gold/ yellow colors.
  • Metal chime measure 15" in Length. This kind of wind chime is recommended by Feng Shui practitioners to protect households from the annual malignant stars.