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In 2022, the Roosters’ health fortunes will be mixed. The ominous star of “Tian E” dominates the fortune for illness and accidents, and the Roosters are very likely to get sick.“Yang Ren” and “Sha Xiong” will appear in their lives, and both stars are easily injured. The ominous star of “Yang Ren” has tremendous power, which could put the Roosters at risk of injury and surgery. Fortunately, the lucky stars will shine again in 2022. The auspicious stars of “Zi Wei” and “Long De” are extremely helpful in resolving the ominous stars’ bad luck. If the Roosters want to improve their health luck, they must be cautious and vigilant, and they may wish to wear lucky zodiac ornaments such as the “San He (Three Harmonies)” and “Liu He (Six Harmonies)” zodiac ornaments. If the Roosters want to improve their health, they must be cautious and vigilant, and they may wish to wear lucky zodiac ornaments such as the “San He (Three Harmonies)” and “Liu He (Six Harmonies)” zodiac ornaments. The Roosters aged 5, 17, 65, and 77 will be in good health. The 53-year-olds have average reading. The 29, 41, and 89-year-old Roosters will need to be extra cautious with their health in 2022. When it comes to health, the Roosters must be extremely cautious. COVID-19 is still a possibility. Even if you've been vaccinated, don't let your guard down. If you have not yet been vaccinated, you should attempt to become fully vaccinated. There are additional health problems related to the mouth and teeth for these Roosters.

Love/ Relationship

Despite their overall good fortune this season, the Roosters’ luck in relationships and romance will be quite ordinary. On the one hand, auspicious stars that favor relationships and romance will not appear; on the other hand, career and wealth will prosper, and most people will devote all of their energy and efforts to developing their careers and making money, leaving no time or energy for relationship management. It will be difficult for them to leave their single status behind. Marriage will be difficult in the year 2022. As a result, they should postpone their marriage plans. The arrival of the ominous star of “Bao Bai” will have a significant impact on the Roosters’ emotions and relationships. The married Roosters may adopt a cold attitude toward their partners, losing the affection and closeness that they once had. A third partner will be very easy to appear in their relationship. 


The Roosters will have a very good career in 2022, thanks to the favor and support of many lucky stars. They will prosper in whatever industries or professions they choose to pursue. People who work for others will have a smooth career path. Whatever difficulties and problems they may face, they can count on prompt favor and assistance from their patrons, and their personal talents will be fully utilized and displayed, resulting in promotion and a raise in salary. The Roosters in high positions will be able to put their leadership skills to good use, allowing them to cultivate numerous capable employees. Furthermore, 2022 will be an excellent year for them to change jobs. Those who want to change jobs can carry out their plans. 


In 2022, the Roosters will have an exceptional financial fortune. Despite the fact that they will benefit greatly from the auspicious stars, they must remain vigilant against the ominous stars. Their careers will greatly benefit from the arrival of the auspicious stars of “Zi Wei” and “Long De.” Sales, real estate, and lawyer occupations, in particular, will benefit the most. People who work in the business world will also benefit greatly. With patrons’ favors, they will have more opportunities for personal development, as well as more customers and financial resources. It’s just that the arrival of the ominous star of “Bao Bai” may bring bad luck and financial loss. It is not advisable for business people to engage in high-risk investment projects. Otherwise, they will suffer a financial setback.



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