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Red Horse for Fame & Career

Red Horse for Fame & Career

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Red horse is used in the office or home to bring success and speed in career and fame but you must know the right place or location to place it.  

- To attract name and fame place the red horse in south direction. 
- To speed up the career growth place the Red Horse Symbol in the North direction 
- Place a pair of Horses in the southwest direction of the house or room to cure your love and marriage 
- Do not place the Red Horse in your bathroom or kitchen.  

Placement to activate the Peach Blossom star:

Red Horse is also used to activate Tao Hua Luck, also known as Peach Blossom Luck which is in charge of love and relationship. The location of Tao Hua is according to person's Chinese zodiac sign. For whom seeking a friend or lover, it is better to activate this star.

  • If you born in the year of Ox, Snake or Rooster, you can display the Red Horse in the South.