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Real Obsidian Bracelet

Real Feng Shui Obsidian Bracelet

Our feng shui Obsidian Bracelet is made in house using the real obsidian crystal. We do not source our bracelets from China or any other source.
Our bracelets are strung in elegant Black Obsidian beads in 8 and 10 mm and we customize your size for a better fit.
The Pixiu, also called Pi Yao, is a symbol of wealth luck attraction. This bracelet is best worn in the left hand which is the receiving hand. It is said if you wear it on the right hand (giving hand) you will be giving your fortune to others.
The Obsidian crystal is a protective stone against negative energy which makes it the perfect companion for the wealth bracelet.
Faux or crystal imitation will not serve the purpose, not only because does not possess any type of vibration but because does not resonates with the purpose of the bracelet which is to attract wealth. For this reason, we use the best materials to make the wealth bracelet. Our Pixiu is 18K Gold plated for a better last and beautiful look. Our bracelet looks so elegant that we are sure you will love it and enjoy it!