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RAT 2022





In terms of wealth, the financial luck of the Rat will not make a significant improvement in 2022 due to the absence of the auspicious stars. If they want to achieve the accumulation of wealth, they must be well-prepared mentally to rely on their own hard work in everything to gain more from more efforts. The main source of wealth for the Rat this year will be still from the main full-time jobs and businesses. The healthy development of their careers will positively help them achieve the accumulation of wealth. Therefore, the Rat guys should keep their jobs and should not change jobs frequently or be in the jobless state for a long run. The business people under the zodiac animal sign of the Rat should pay particular attention to the improvement and innovation of their operation modes and the introduction of talents, expand the market and strive to increase the overall revenue. For female, better wear a Yellow Citrine Bracelet with Pi Xiu in 2022 to help bring good Feng Shui and rich in financial resources. And for male, better wear a Tiger's eye bracelet with Pi Xiu. 


 Rat will have a very promising and optimistic career development in 2022. As they can get the support and favor from the lucky stars such as "Jiangxing" and "Santai", their luck in career will be fairly good. Whether they are civil or military, they will be expected to exercise their personal strength and talent in their positions in the year, get the appreciation of the patrons and superiors, and even have the opportunities to get promotion. In particular, the new recruits are full of vigor and energy, and they can make more efforts to work hard to gain recognition from their colleagues and superiors in short time. To improve your luck in career in 2022, better wear The Dragon Turtle Bracelet for Career Success. 

Love Relationship

The Rat guys will have a general ordinary fortune in love and relationship in 2022. There will be no favor of the lucky stars. Their luck and prospect in love and relationship will be bleak. Most of the Rat guys may have no luck in love and romantic relationship this year. Some people may also devote more time, energy and attention to the career development. They will be lacked of passion and enthusiasm for love and romantic relationship, and they will deem relationship issue as dispensable, even actively refuse and avoid the matter. For the Rat singletons, there are little chances for them to get sweet love and romance this year, and they will be highly likely to stay single as before. In the absence of a clear objective for a potential partner, they can focus on improving the career at the moment, and rely on their successful career to attract the attention of the outstanding people of the opposite sex, and the chances of success will be great. You are suggested to wear a Dragon Turtle or Infinity Luck rose Quartz bracelet to attract good love or solve love and marriage crisis in 2022. 


Health is a key issue for the Rat to pay more attention to in 2022. Although the Rat will have neither offense nor compatibility with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), they will still encounter many evil and ominous stars related to health, which may have plenty of negative effects on the physical health and safety of life. It is very likely for them to suffer from illnesses and accidental injuries. As such, they are advised to keep a healthy diet and regular rest. Meanwhile, proper exercise will help them improve their physical health. So, they should avoid laziness and slackness in physical exercise. For female, you can wear a green agate bracelet with Rat sign to keep good healthy in 2022 and for male, you can wear the Buddha protector black obsidian bracelet. The 14, 26, 74 and 86-year-old Rats have good health rating. The 2 and 62-year-old have average reading. 38, 50, and 98-year-old Rats are the most vulnerable to health issues in 2022. When it comes to their health, these Rats need to be extremely vigilant. Still, COVID-19 is likely to pose a threat. Do not relax even if you have been vaccinated. If you haven't had the opportunity to get vaccinated, you should do so. Additionally, these Rats are in danger of ear, blood, kidney, and bladder issues. The sooner you get medical attention for any health concerns, the better off you'll be. 


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