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RAT 2021


Lucky Number: 1, 6, 4, 9
Lucky Color: White, Silver, Black
2021 is the year Xin Chou and the earthly branch Chou (丑) corresponds to the zodiac sign Ox while Rat corresponds to Zi (子) which is compatible with Chou. However, Zi and Chou restrain each other in five elements as Zi belongs to water and Chou belongs to earth. Even though Rat is compatible with Tai Sui in 2021, it does not mean the Rat horoscope will go along nicely. There can be some ups and downs requiring you to watch out in this year. At the same time, you Rats will be blessed with good luck and get substantial income from work, but still need to be careful about some troubles.

According to your Chinese horoscope and Feng Shui forecast for 2021, Rats will be fighting off tiredness this year, possibly dealing with burn-out. Energy levels drop and you may have taken on more than you should have. It could also be a midlife crisis for some, or boredom with what you’re doing. However, Rats are hard workers and can accomplish a lot once they’re inspired. There are still big opportunities to be had, so conserve your energy for what really matters. 


For the most part, element luck does not favor Rats in 2021. A very bad spirit essence and life force plagues you, causing a lack of confidence in your own abilities and beliefs. You’ll feel drained of vitality and discouraged at the slightest setback.

Rats must bolster these elements to provide the stamina and positive chi needed to recognize and make use of the good that comes for you. Don’t give up – you might have just the success you’ve wanted a very short time later.

Carrying the Life Force Amulet  is a way to attract the energy you need. A good note: your success category shows EXCELLENT energy. You’ll be able to succeed in anything if you put your mind into it. This is all the more reason to do what you can to increase your other two elements for maximum potential.  


The #2 Illness Star plagues Rats and you’ll need extra feng shui cures to ward off health problems. Making things worse is the presence of the Yin House brought by the 24 Mountains into the Rat sector. Illness could find you all year long if you’re not careful, and it’s especially true for older Rats. If your element luck health is weak, too, it requires even more effort. Take good care of yourself, and don’t sleep in a room located in the North in 2021 if possible. The Brass Herbal Wu Lou is a recommended feng shui cure for Rats. The Medicine Buddha also wards off the worst of the #2 Star, protecting those who reach out for a boost in health. Medicine Buddha removes poisons in addition to all types of illnesses. Place him in your North sector at home where he can constantly protect you. You must carry or wear the Garuda Wu Lou Health Amulet Keychain, Anti Illness Amulet Keychain or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet. 


Danger is found in your home location, where the Star of Yin House is located this year, bringing threats of illness and overall lack of energy. Those who are already ill or elderly, or who have other strong afflictions in their charts are most at risk. This is a year to take better care of yourself and carry protective amulets to ward off evil spirits who can further weaken your resistance. Display the Yang House Plaque in the North. The Precious Umbrella Parasol Keychain help bring a protective aura to those who carry it. 
The Yearly Conflict Star sits to your left and afflicts Rats in 2021, also. It causes arguments all around you, with people unwilling to support your plans or ideas. It might be better to work alone when possible because teamwork isn’t favored. Carry the Dorje Drolo Scorpion Amulet Keychain to keep negative co-workers and office politics at bay. 

A positive indication in your 24 Mountains Feng Shui chart is the Big Auspicious Stars for the year, located to your right. You’re on the brink of something important and once it unfolds, it brings much happiness. Plenty of opportunities arise and those who work hard and are determined have success ahead. It won’t be immediate, so be patient. Those who stay the course without being discouraged fare well. Don’t give up on your dreams!

The Stars of Big Auspicious offer possibilities for a great amount of good fortune, but you’ll need to enhance this aspect to fully awaken it. Display the Feng Shui enhancer Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious in your North sector to magnify the best of this influence. or the Big Auspicious Mirror to capture and magnify this luck. Carry also the Wealth Bull For Attracting Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious Keychain to capture this auspiciousness.  continue reading 2021 Horoscope for Rat, here 

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